Sunday, November 11, 2012

Breaking Down

This week has been one of things breaking. At school, my adapter that allows me to use my laptop with a projector finally completely broke. It has been showing funny colors for the past month, so a few weeks ago I put in an order for a new one. Several times a week I would check on this order with no progress. The new adapter has still not arrived, so I asked for a whole new computer. I was asked to bring it back at the end of the day, and had a long discussion about how this would not happen because I use it for every lesson. I said I would return it when I got my adapter. This should move the order along - unfortunately this seems to be one of the few ways to make anything happen - collateral of some kind or another. This week I will take a shot at some new tactics for solving problems at school...quite the political dilemma...

At home, we woke up to a cold house. After an hour of troubleshooting in the attic, we finally determined it was our new, expensive thermostat and not the hot water heater that was acting up. At least we found a temporary way to solve the problem.

On the ride home last night, we noticed my bike light has stopped working. This is an essential component of transportation at this time of the year, when we ride to and from school in the dark. The troublesome thing is that the light is an integrated system that generates is energy from inside the hub of my front wheel. Not sure how to fix this one...

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