Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sick Week

We were finally able to go to the gym today for the first time in two weeks. Last weekend we were too sick to make it. Monday I only had two lesson so I struggled though it. Tuesday I didn't have any lessons, but a conference in Utrecht and a dinner with friends. On Wednesday and Thursday things caught up with me and I stayed home from school. Naomi stayed home on Thursday as well, and she was worse off then me: not the cough and runny nose that I had, but pure exhaustion.

Friday we went back to school and I made it through 8 lessons. The first year students are getting busier and less manageable. This is a bummer. Friday night we had three colleagues over for dinner and the burritos were delicious  We had a great time. A couple more joined us for a movie - we watched Colombiana. We schedule one of these 'Movie Club' nights every month and this one was a great success.

This weekend was much more relaxed because we were able to take care of a few things on Wednesday and Thursday. The rest of the afternoon holds a rehabilitation of our guest room and the cooking of a tasty stew. Perhaps we will write down our recipie and kick off the cookbook we will make some day with it. Our American friend Tyson will join us for dinner. Should be an enjoyable remainder of the weekend.

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