Sunday, December 2, 2012

Finally Home

It really feels like we are finally settling in. Naomi cleaned out the guest room and that was pretty much the last room that really needed some work. We set up the tanning light in there in hopes that it might combat some seasonal mood swings. We are finally able to start some projects that are more for fun, like putting together pictures in frames, Naomi with her sewing, and a secret project we just started. The house just feels bigger now. Next weekend we will get some cleaning done and things will really be in shape.

The freezer is full again! Last night we put together a whole pile of Enchiladas, and wow, are they tasty! It was a bit of a project, but the result was well worth the effort. Now we have about 7 tasty meals just waiting to be heated up. Someday we will need a bigger freezer...

School continues to be quite rough. They say November is the most difficult month of the year, and I sure hope that is true. Most teachers are running on survival mode, and Naomi is down for the count. She has Mono and is not continuing with her full schedule. She should resume after the Christmas holiday, but we are not sure what changes she will make until then. I have many of the symptoms, so I should probably get tested too.

On Friday the students put together a nice market at school to raise money to fight AIDS. They did a good job with it and it is fun to see them shine in a different atmosphere. After that we went out to dinner with a total of 8 colleagues. It was a Turkish place downtown and we had a really enjoyable time. Didn't get home until after midnight though - and this made Saturday quite difficult for Naomi in particular. Today we will meet a couple colleagues in Delft for a day at the museum. Hopefully things will stabilize further this coming week...

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