Sunday, December 16, 2012

Moving On?

I had an unsettling conversation with my team leader this week. I expected the meeting to be about some low grades in a few of the classes I am teaching, which it was, but she went on further to say that it looks like I am struggling too much and should start looking for a new job. This I found very strange. I am struggling with 3 out of 10 of my classes - the same three that many other colleagues struggle with. Everything else seems to go pretty well, and this is quite impressive given that this is my second year of teaching at the most difficult level in the Dutch education system, in English, with very little support. In my mind, I am doing pretty well - hopefully I can convince the school director of this in the next few days, as I would like to leave on my terms without winding up jobless.

On the upside, we had a sports day on Friday for the first year students (the six classes I do well with - the second years are the problem) and they played basketball for the whole day. I was impressed. I shot around a bit and apparently I am a super-star. They were cheering for me and rather blown away by my skills. This was fun to experience. Some day I might like to coach a basketball team...

On Friday night we had our monthly movie night. Arjen and I got soaked on the ride home from school. He didn't bring any rain gear so he punched a couple holes in plastic bags. This helped a little, but mostly was just funny to watch. A couple other colleagues joined us and we watched Intouchables, a very good French movie that came out recently. Yesterday was a recovery day, and today we are getting a bit of relaxation in before the final push - one week to go!

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