Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Ceiling had an IQ of 102

I haven't known very many people to have a pig for a pet...but there were a few. I have heard that these pigs are quite intelligent - some have even learned to open the refrigerator when they were a bit hungry. Pigs get hungry a lot.

I guess our ceiling got a bit hungry this morning while we were working out at the gym. Very cleverly, it learned to open the refrigerator. All it needed was a bit of water to activate those brain waves. The water was provided by a combination of a drainpipe which was frozen solid, a roof full of ice, and a steady Dutch rain.

Naomi awoke to a peaceful, trickling sound coming from the corner of the kitchen where we usually dry dishes. Needless to say, more than dishes needed to be dried. There was a nice pool of water on the floor, so it was a good thing she happened to get up early before it spread. We set up a little system to collect this leak and made our way through the rain and slush to the gym. Upon our return, we noticed a puddle of water soaking into the carpeting in front of the couch. As our eyes searched for its source, we came upon the extreme cleverness acted out by our ceiling.

In addition to opening the fridge, it had managed to gently move a wine bottle from the top of the fridge to the counter without a scratch. Impressive. The glass that ended up on the floor wasn't so lucky.

We made quick work of the major debris but put the cleanup project on hold for a bite to eat (luckily that clever ceiling left some for us) and some relaxation. After finishing this blog and a few other things, we will have to get back to work. The cabinets don't look to dry...

This week in general was an exhausting one. I pushed past my limits at school. We had report meetings, a parents night were I helped to give a workshop, and I kicked off a new project. All of this together was too much for me, and I am still feeling a rather exhausted and a little sick. Hopefully this coming week goes a bit more smoothly.

Welcome home!

That clever ceiling...

At least it was only one piece.

The wine is still good!

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