Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Long Weekend

This week was, hopefully, the low point of the year at our school. Lots of teachers had meetings with parents (and a ton of work to prepare for these meetings) and a virus happened to be floating around, so school was barely open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. All classes had schedules that were cut short - some more than others - because so many teachers were sick. I don't understand why they haven't introduced the system of hiring substitute teachers. At many schools, the students just don't have class, but at our school they want us to use our prep hours to fill in for sick colleagues. This causes a lot of friction.

I stayed home on Thursday and Friday. I picked up a small bit of whatever was going around. This bug put me at 60-70 percent. If I would have gone to school, the kids would have been super wound up due to all the schedule changes, and I have my teaching hours weighted toward the end of the week. Teaching these pupils is quite exhausting, so my 60-70% would not have been enough for me or for them. It was good to stay home for this reason and because we had guests yesterday, and I will be visiting a couple other schools and getting an evaluation on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. This makes me a little nervous - and happy to be well-rested.

Yesterday we went to see an exhibition of Jan van Eyck, a Dutch painter from the 1400s. We learned that he revolutionized the world of painting by introducing light. This made the paintings go from 2D to 3D - they became life-like. The exhibition showed what paintings were like before and after this character. There was a huge difference. It was also interesting to see paintings, books, and sculptures that were 600 years old. All this within 15 minutes of home. Living here does have plenty of advantages...

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