Saturday, February 23, 2013

I got a JOB!!

An eventful week. I have gradually been building up more and more energy and feeling less and less sick as the week progressed. Then this morning came the drop over the cliff. Out of nowhere, I got hit with something that feels a lot like pneumonia. My cough is going to be a problem and my bones ache so much that it is hard to walk. As I write this now we are sitting at the airport in Eindhoven waiting on our flight to Rome. Traveling today has been incredibly difficult and we are not even half way done. I hope that the sunshine and warmer temperatures take care of this problem.

On Tuesday I had a conversation with our school director. He explained that the Bilingual school downtown had some interest in me, and that I should set up an appointment. Two days later, I sat down with the other director, and he offered me a full time position (even though it would be teaching less than normal) starting directly after our holiday in Rome. Apparently one of their Math teachers dropped out due to health issues.

I was a bit surprised, and accepted the chance to teach there three days a week and start full time in the fall. I explained that I still had loyalty to WolfertPRO and would prefer to split my time. 

On Friday morning, yesterday, I came to school a bit early to speak with our director about the situation. He was in Italy skiing. I guess his vacation started a little early. So, next week I will have to tell him that I do not want to teach the second year students at all any more, and that I will only be available two days per week starting on the 11th of March. Hopefully he will appreciate the fact that I will not be leaving completely, especially as the school is losing three other teachers after this break. They have also lost the team leader who basically ran the school, along with half of Naomi’s time. 

Some of the positions have been replaced, some not, but regardless, the strain on the system drains a lot of additional energy. I really question whether WolfertPRO will continue upon the bilingual track. It seems unlikely at best. But for now, I just hope I am well enough to enjoy Rome!!

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