Sunday, February 17, 2013


Last Sunday we had a nice time with our friends Clifton and Karmen at the World Museum. They had an exhibition on the Samurai. After the visit, Naomi and I had to watch The Last Samurai again. One of my favorite movies.

At school, we had an important week. Friday night and Saturday morning were open days, which means that prospective students visit the school to see if they are interested in coming. There are lots of schools to choose from, so it is a competitive process and the schools need to sell themselves to attract customers. Seems as though education here is taking on some capitalistic tendencies.

Our administration wanted everyone to show up for both days, so that we could project a positive image. Unfortunately, a lot of teachers did not. I was home sick on Thursday and Friday, but went with Naomi on Friday night anyway. Some people were pleased to see me, others asked why I had come. It was an important event that I wanted to be a part of, but it was also nice to socialize for a bit - a good way to break up a four day stretch of sitting around being sick. I ended up getting some good news when the director told me that we needed to talk next week about a job offer extended toward me by Wolfert Tweetalig - one of the schools I visited a couple weeks ago. I am looking forward to hearing the details.

The sun is shining this morning and that makes me want to do things...but my energy is still not there. From what I hear this year’s bug is a nasty one and doesn’t shake loose easily. I really hope Naomi doesn’t get it just in time for Rome next week...

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